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Sonodamp acoustic screen around condensers

At the company Promens in Eke-Nazareth, we installed a Sonodamp acoustic screen. A battery of condensers, which had been erected next to the factory hall, produced a noise level of more than 80 dB(A). In an adjacent residence, this exceeded the maximum legal permitted noise level, as defined in the Flemish Regulations for Environmental Protection Permits (VLAREM) legislation.

A 4 m high and 30 m long acoustic screen with Sonodamp panels was selected and installed. Colour: RAL 1015 white. The upper part of the screen is slanted towards the inside, so as to offer extra protection. For service and maintenance, the condensers can be reached via a sound-insulated door. A gap between the bottom of the screen and the ground ensures sufficient air ventilation.

A noise reduction of > 11 dB was achieved at 1 meter. At a measuring point near the residence, the noise of the condensers can no longer be heard and the noise level is determined by the background noise of the E17 motorway.